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Operation Anaconda:
A U.S. offensive against Taliban and al Qaeda troops in eastern Afghani province of Paktia. Operation lasted from March 2 to March 18, 2002.


Operation Buzzard:
A British operation whereby troops deployed near the Pakistani border to stop Taliban and al Qaida fighters from returning to Afghanistan. Operation lasted from May 29 to July 9, 2002.


Operation Condor:
British troops backed by U.S. gunships were deployed to battle a "substantial enemy force" in mountainous Paktia province in south east Afghanistan. Operation lasted from May 16 to May 22, 2002.


Operation Desert Scorpion:
Operation of coalition troops against forces loyal to ousted president Saddam Hussein. The largest deployment in Iraq since April 7, the height of the U.S.-led war, this operation began on June 15, 2003, soon after the end of Operation: Peninsula Strike.


Operation Eagle Assist:
NATO's first ever deployment of assets in direct support of operations in the continental U.S. Foreign fighter jets patrolled the skies over U.S. soil.Operation lasted from October 9, 2001 through May 16, 2002.


Operation Enduring Freedom:
Name for the US-led counter-attack on terrorism. The original name, Operation Infinite Justice, was changed after Muslim clerics objected to the name on the grounds that infinite justice can only be dispensed by Allah.


Operation Infinite Justice:
The short-lived original name of the U.S. military response to the September 11, 2001 attack. The Defense Department quickly abandoned it upon learning that the phrase is offensive to Muslims, who believe only Allah can dispense infinite justice. The operation then became known as Operation Enduring Freedom.


Operation Iraqi Freedom:
US-led coalition war aims to effect a regine change and free the Iraqi people. Operation lasted from March 19 to May 1, 2003.


Operation Liberty Shield:
This operation was announced by Tom Ridge, Homeland Security director, on March 18, 2003. The mission is to heighten security at the nation's airports, seaports, railways, borders, nuclear and chemical plants and elements of the food supply and distribution system. Security with regard to cyberterrorism and terrorism suspects was also boosted. This Operation began on March 18, 2003, and is ongoing.


Operation Noble Eagle:
Operation given to the rapid deployment of troops and air caps soon after the attacks.


Operation Peninsula Strike:
Led by the 4th Infantry Division, this six-day assault in Northern Iraq bore down on pro-Saddam fighters. Operation egan June 14, 2003.


Operation Snipe:
British-led effort to search, clear, and destroy any terrorist infrastructure located in the south east of the country, and render it safe for humanitarian operations. Operation lasted from May 2, 2002to May 13, 2002.


Operation Tarmacq:
Federal sweep of airports throughout the U.S. looking for illegal immigrants posing as airport security workers. No ties to terrorism were found, but there were many undocumented workers discovered.


Operation Valiant Strike:
A 1,000 troop-strong U.S. operation launched against extremists in southern Afghanistan, near the Pakistani border looking for Taliban and al Qaeda holdouts. . It was launched on March 19, 2003, within minutes of Operation: Iraqi Freedom.

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