Why did we create this site?

The War of Terror Portal was created out of our sense of helplessness after the September 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York, a sense that we found we shared with millions of people not just in the U.S., but around the world.

There were three things we all seemed to need: information, something to do, and some way to connect with others going through the same trauma.

After the blood was given, after the cookies were delivered to the local firehouses, after the phone calls to loved ones were made, we still were left wanting to do more.

And that is what this portal is for.

This portal serves all those who are and who will be affected by the terrorist acts of September 11, 2001 and the subsequent war on terror.

We must not forget

Perhaps it is the press and not the "real people" who are feeling this, but watching the news, we see with more horror that already people are starting to tire of this war.

In his speech to the Welsh Assembly, British prime minister Tony Blair said what we feel so deeply:

"It is important we never forget why we are doing it. Important we never forget how we felt watching the planes fly into the twin towers. 

"Never forget those answering machine messages. Never forget how we felt imagining how mothers told children they were about to die.

"Never forget the guts of the fire fighters and police who died trying to save others. Never forget the menace of UBL in his propaganda video. 

"Never forget that too long a list of countries who lost sons and daughters. Never forget that they were of all faiths and none; Christian, Jew and Moslem; many Moslems, for it is not us who are at war with Islam. It is Al Qaida and the Taliban who are at war with anyone, whatever their faith, who does not share their maniacal, fanatical view of the world.

"He did not just hijack planes. He has hijacked a country from which he runs his terrorist, criminal activity. Now he would like to hijack a religion; and hijack the Palestinian cause too."

We sincerely invite you to go through this site, to share your thoughts and information with us in our comment sections on each page, to look again at the of the terrorist attack on the U.S. and on the world, get up-to-the-minute news headlines about the war on terror, and look through our daily news archives.

Many of you wrote to ask us about the background on bin Laden, al Qaeda, the Taliban, and Israel, and for more information about biological and chemical warfare. We than you for your requests and announce that we have started amassing background on those items.

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