1st Hand Accounts

Transcripts of the North Tower's Final Moments 
Accounts from survivors of the attack on the World Trade Center's North Tower and the friends and relatives of the victims.

Transcripts of the South Tower's Final Moments
Accounts from survivors of the attack on the World Trade Center's South Tower and the friends and relatives of the victims.

Perspective: September 11
Adam Oestreich, Merrill Lynch employee at the World Financial Center on the 24rd floor of Tower 2, wrote this account.

The Works of Humankind
Don Perkal, Pentagon survivor, wrote this first-hand account the week after the terrorist bombings in Washington, DC, New York, and Pennsylvania.

WTC Terrorism Experience
Written at 12:45 p.m., on September 11, Brian J. Bernsetin, employee of Lehman Brothers in WTC Tower 1. He was sitting in his office when the plane hit, and he wrote this posting at 12:45 in the afternoon on September 11, 2001. (This is a digital copy, provided by Archive.org, as the original URL was sold when Lehman Brothers went out of business.)

91 E-Mails From Ground Zero
After the attacks, a Wall Street partner began a scramble to find his people. His messages that day tell the story. (This copy is from DigitalArchive.com, due to the fact that the original is long-gone.)

Miracle Bridge: World Trade Center Escape
Yin Lang tells of her experience of September 11, starting in her office on the 40th floor and continuing through the long trip down the stairs. (The original web address no longer carries this page, but this cache is available at archive.org.)

A Young Mother Survives
Roz, a young woman, gets to her 88th floor WTC office only minutes before the first crash. Here she tells graphically what she saw and felt and how she is coping now. . (The original domain has been abandoned, but archive.org still has the cached copy.)

Eric Levine
Mr. Levine was at his desk on floor 64 in the south tower and gives the account of the morning, up until he got home to Queens.

Email from a witness
A man emails his friends to assure them he's all right and tells of what he witnessed.

Reflections of Sept. 11
Personal account and photos by a suburban New York couple of a distant view of the World Trade Center disaster and a visit to the area days later.

Surviving the Terror
Penelope Trunk happened to be on the scene to witness the horrific events. (This cached copy is from archive.org, as the original is no longer online at the business2.com address.)

An Eyewitness Speaks
Ed Hashey was at the subway exit when the first plane hit. Here he tells what he saw and did. This is an archived copy.

The Fine Line
First-hand account and photos of the World Trade Center terrorist attack. Includes followup postings of events in NYC since the attack.

The Phoenix Rising
A Survivor's Story - George S. Phoenix III has written the sequence of events of his experiences on September 11, 2001, the day the World Trade Center was attacked for himself so he wouldn't forget any of the details or sequence of events. (Archive.org cache.)

Tonya Young: witness, survivor
Tonya was across the street and down the block when she saw the second plane crash into the World Trade Center

WTC Burn Victim: "I Feel Pretty Lucky"
27-year-old Manu Dhingra survived with burns to a third of his body from his ankles to his face. He was the first person to be released from the New York Weill Cornell Burn Centre.

Trade Center Survivor Recounts Harrowing Escape
Phil Oye, an information architect living in Manhattan, boarded the subway as he does each workday and got off the train in the basement of the World Trade Center five minutes after American Airlines flight 175 struck the first tower.

A Survivor's Story
Ronald T. Coyne, New York City fireman, recounts his morning on duty at the WTC. (ServeNYC.org no longer exists. This account is hosted at Archive.org.)

Survivor recalls Pentagon blast
Janis Ann Jackson was working in an office on the first floor of the Pentagon, less than 100 feet from where American Airlines Flight 77 crashed into the nation's military headquarters.

Ron Saladino: A World Trade Center crash survivor's story
A survivor of the World Trade Center crash talks to the CNN.com chat room from New York.

Survivor who ignored advice
A New York survivor told BBC News Online how he was advised to get off the street and go to his desk in South Tower of the World Trade Centre minutes before it burst into flames.

No Replacements, No Returns
Things became more surreal on the train that morning as time went on - the only contact with the world came through our cell phones, and one person's radio.     

Then there's this video, narrated by Tom Hanks, about the story of the 9/11 boat lift. I never heard anything about it until today, and yet it was epic! The largest evacuation ever, much larger even than Dunkirk. This ad hoc fleet of boats evacuated more than 500,000 from Manhattan that day. Great video.


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